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Queen Guinevere’s Rescue by Nean Year 5

Author: Woramon Srinualchai (Nean) Year 5

A long time ago there was a distant land called Camelot. It was ruled by a King called Arthur. Camelot was a wealthy and beautiful land and in the heart of Camelot was the castle. The castle was surrounded by a large moat with waters as deep as the ocean. Getting into the castle was extremely difficult. You had to have permission from the King or a Knight. If you could go in; a gigantic drawbridge would wheel down right in front of your eyes. The towers of the castle reached the clouds that were up high in the sky.

Inside; King Arthur lived with his beautiful Queen Guinevere. The chambers of the castle were very posh; the pillows were hand woven from the Queen’s spinning wheel. The rooms were decorated with freshly picked flowers from the castle’s garden. Inside the throne room sat the thrones of the King and Queen. Then in the centre of the great hall room was the Round table. King Arthur was strong and handsome, with dazzling green eyes, he also had shining brown hair. Queen Guinevere was beautiful; she had hazelnut eyes and long fair black hair. The Knights of the Round Table who defended Camelot were bold, brave and honorable and they were good swordsmen. King Arthur only selected the bravest knights to sit on the round table.

One bright morning King Arthur went out hunting with his Knights, Queen Guinevere went with them as she wanted to go on a picnic. So they went on their horses and set off to Unicorn Sparkle Forest. When they reached the forest Queen Guinevere found a nice tree in the shade. She sat under the tree and said goodbye to King Arthur. She was peacefully eating her bread when suddenly… the evil Mordred jumped out of the bushes; he captured her and tied her wrists with a thick slimy rope. ”Ha ha! You can’t escape from me now my lovely lady! “ cackled Mordred wickedly. When King Arthur came back from hunting he didn’t see his dear Queen, instead there was a note saying “Dear King Arthur, I have captured Guinevere if you give up your thrown you may have her back, your dear nephew Mordred “. King Arthur gasped and fell to the ground! “King Arthur fainted!” exclaimed Sir Gawain.

The Knights carried the King back to his castle. They laid him onto his royal bed and after the doctor came and checked he said “His majesty is ill. He will get better soon but he shouldn’t move around too much.” After that the doctor left ”We must do something!” exclaimed Sir Waldo “Oh my gosh!!” said Sir Unster dramatically. “Maybe we should go out and look for the Queen at Mordred’s castle.” Sir Gawain pointed out. “Okay! Let’s do it, but we must inform the King First.” replied Sir Lancelot. Off they went to the King’s chamber, when they arrived the King had just woken up from his nap. He agreed with his knights and told them to begin their journey first thing the next morning. 

The next morning Sir Lancelot selected the knights to go on this quest. “Sir Gawain, Sir Waldo, Sir Unster, Sir Biddyvot, Sir Snow!” called out Sir Lancelot. The knights all said goodbye to their wives and set off towards Winterfell. They were half way there, when they reached the Icey forest. Sir Snow remembered this place, this was where the Nightwalkers lived. His parents had died in this forest before and so did his brother. “Be careful everybody! This is where the Nightwalkers live!” warned Sir Snow “What are Nightwalkers?” asked Sir Waldo. “Don’t you know they are half dead zombies, the colder the weather gets the stronger they become!” explained Sir Snow.

They crept quietly into the forest and suddenly… CRASH… a blow dart came charging towards Sir Biddyvot. He couldn’t get out of the way in time and it hit him right in the chest. “The Night King….. RUN!!!” called out Sir Snow. The knights galloped on their horses as fast as they could. Finally they escaped the ice cold forest. They then finally reached Mordred’s castle. His castle was soulless, old and dark. A scary place that no one dared to enter. Sir Unster knocked on the door and a guard opened it and answered. Sir Gawain took out his sword and placed it near the guard’s throat. As the knights walked in Sir Lancelot shouted “We are here on the behalf of King Arthur! If you give us back Queen Guinevere there will be no blood!” “Never!” sneered Mordred, looking down at the knights from a window. 

“We must have a duel, only me and you!” Sir Lancelot accepted this challenge and they fought immediately, blood was everywhere there were maids shrieking with fear. They fought for hours and hours and finally Mordred was exhausted and fell to the ground…dead.  One of the maids told Sir Unster where the Queen was. They went to the dungeons and she was in a cold and damp cage with mice scattering around. “I’m so delighted to see you!” said Queen Guinevere happily.

After they left Mordred’s castle they hurried back to Camelot, the King was delighted to see Queen Guinevere at his side once again. The next day they had a gigantic feast, everyone was invited. The table clothes were made with fine cotton, all of the fruit was fresh from the garden. The chicken was juicy and crispy and all of the people in Camelot were having fun. 

The King and Queen sat beside each other with the knights on the other side. People were enjoying themselves, children were happily running around laughing and playing with hoops. When it was about five o’clock in the afternoon, the King declared that he had a surprise for the Queen and the people of Camelot. When the curtains opened up a band of circus entertainers came rolling out. There was a ballerina balancing three books onto her head, there was an elephant painting a picture. “Finishing of our show, please welcome Shelly our elegant gymnasium!” shouted the circus director into the loud microphone.

Doing cartwheels there was Shelly she was as elegant as a swan when she walked on a tight rope as thin as a streak of hair. For her last trick, she got out the elephant and from the tight rope she did a cartwheel onto its back. She then balanced on her tippy toes and did a twirl. Finally everybody went home as the show was over, all the knights and princesses went back to the castle with the King and Queen. The King said goodnight to the Queen and he went to his sleeping chamber. After that they all lived happily ever after but they always remembered what Mordred had done and that Morgan le Fay was still out there wanting revenge.


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