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Dean : Thanapat Bekanan

1.Please introduce yourself.
Well, according to my passport, my name is Thanapat Bekanan. However, everyone knows me as Dean in which I always prefer. As is generally known, Thai people have a proclivity for calling each other bynick names, rather than their first or last names. Thus, I think we’d better go with the flow.
2.  What are you doing now?
I’ve literally been struggling to survive an MPhil in International Relations at Oxford University since October 2016 but I am doing well.
3.  When did you start learning in Heathfield? 
It was a long time ago that’s for sure. I wish I could remember. It was probably around 2006.
4.What things remind you when you think of Heathfield?
There are a few things which remind me of Heathfield. One of which is Christmas time. I’ve been in Britain for almost 5 years now. Every single winter, when December approaches, I always think of Heathfield as the Christmas parties at the school were the most unforgettable memories I have.

5. Please tell me what is…