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Wondrous Space Journey by Moji Year 7

This story was written by Monrada Sae-Seai (Moji) Year 7 as part of English subject.
“Wow, really?!” “We’re going to the biggest space museum in the world?!” I asked surprisingly. “Yes, because it’s your half term so we thought, we might take you somewhere special” said dad heroically. “Will we go to the rocket station?” I asked hopefully. “Maybe if the museum lets us” Mom said believingly. “Mom, dad I want to explore space, I’ve never been to space before.” I mumbled. “Well it takes a lot of effort and bravery to go there.” Mom explained. “When are we going?” I asked with wide eyes. “We’re going tomorrow, but for now let’s get some sleep.” “Right it’s night time and time to sleep.” Now all I have to do is sleep until tomorrow morning.

Cock-a-doodle-doo! The alarm clock woke me up all of a sudden. I was so sleepy then. Bam! I fell on the floor and remembered that today was the day that I, mom and dad were going to the museum. I quickly went down stairs to eat breakfast. “Whoa, slow dow…

Wonderland Is Where My Heart Is by Pupe Year 8

This story was written by Tuangrat Trannitad (Pupe) Year 8 as part of English Subject.

I glanced out the window at the shining luminous moon, dreaming about spreading my wings and flying away into a magical world. I was always dreaming about something supernatural or magical since I was a little boy. The thoughts of fighting a dragon, owning a kingdom or being a wizard had always interested me, but sadly those things only happened in stories, myths and fables.

I was forcing myself to sleep when it was almost midnight. I didn’t want to fall asleep because I knew tomorrow will be the same monotonous day again. I fantasized about a different life in a magical world. ‘Tap, tap, tap’, some tapping noises on the window awoke me abruptly from my fantasy. At the corner of my eye, at the window pane there appeared a doppelganger of me. He was a pale teenager with silky blonde hair and glistening apple green eyes. I froze, afraid to move or speak, as he climbed in my window and sat at the foot of…

Planet Destiny by Baitong Year 7

This story was written by Gingkallya Boonpun (Baitong) Year 7 as part of English subject.
My name is Charles and when I was a young boy glancing at the glistening stars shining in the borderless dark sky, I always wondered about the “First Moon Landing” in 1969. Was Neil Armstrong the first man to land on the Moon or was it just a theory and the world had been lying to us? When I was little I watched it again and again on television and I always wondered the same question year after year; “was it real or was it just a theory?” There are a lot of speculations about life in space for example “Aliens”. I always believed in aliens and wanted to be the first man to discover Aliens and to discover a brand new universe that we didn’t even know about until now.

I wondered relentlessly about all these possibilities as a child until the day came when I didn’t have to wonder no more. My life changed when I was accepted to NASA and so my soul led a different path and journey but I still had the ques…

Letter to Prime Minister by Fransa Year 10

Here below is a piece of writing work featured in by Boonyanaree Wattanasan (Fransa) Year 10 who won the Letter Writing category for the International Writing Cup.

Dear Prayuth Chan-O-Cha,

Photograph: Roberto Trombetta, 2017

I am writing this letter to inform you about all the pollution in the world caused by us humans, especially in Thailand. I feel that pollution is unfair to living creatures and to kids who have to grow up in bad environments. It is a serious issue that needs to be dealt with as soon as possible; otherwise it will be getting worse.

Firstly, cars causes pollution and the point that nearly everyone in the world uses cars for transportation doesn't help at all. Some car brands are starting to produce hydrogen-powered cars using hydroelectric car technology. It would be very helpful if people start switching to those cars instead of cars that use petrol or gas. When we use petrol or gas, it emits carbon dioxide which causes global warming.

Secondly, …