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The Gateway to Another World by Yanick Year 7

'The Gateway to Another World'

Author: Yanick Year 7

This story was awarded for the 1000 word Night Zoo challenge. 
Although I was tired, I was still determined to trudge through the bug infested undergrowth - also known as the jungle to find the mythical gateway that was the story of legends. As I came upon the strange mysterious gate that was glowing mystically in the shadows, I felt an urge of curiosity spread around me. As most dumb people in a horror movie would do and without thinking it through, I walked up to it. Despite being scared out of my wits, my curiosity overran my fear and I was about to find out that this was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life!

As if in a trance, I sauntered on and kept walking around, clueless of what was happening around me. I was oblivious and completely unaware of the animals with otherworldly features and ferocious fish with wings that were circling above my head like I was prey just waiting to be eaten. Suddenly I caught …

The Fallen Kingdom Of Moose and the Night Zoo World by Tum Year 7

The Fallen Kingdom Of Moose and the Night Zoo World
Author:  Tum Year 7 
This story was awarded for 1000 word Night Zoo Challenge. 
Illustration:  On the Ram River by Carl Rungius, 1938

Once in the land of 'Moose', there was a mesmerizing, magical kingdom filled with sheer love and happiness. The citizens were having fun and splashing moose-milk with joy and laughter. However, one day without warning, suddenly the kingdom collided towards the cities and people were running around and causing utter chaos and mayhem.

"Oh hell everybody. Please calm down. We got a moose boy that has a high IQ and a higher order skill of intelligence. He will sort out the problem of this massive chaos", exclaimed the Moose King. 
Moose boy is now so ready to go and explore. He will find out what is behind the chaos. The moose hopped down the hill and pulled down the jet glider and landed down softly. He saw many dead bodies strewn around him and the portal right at his sight.

"What the hec…