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Gifted & Talented

Congratulations to Nada (R1 A), Kumwan (R1 B), Kate (R2), Mason (Y1), Samut (Y2), Chompoo (Y3), Ploy (Y3), Nean (Y4), Rin (Y5), Tach (Y5), Lulla (Y6), Moji (Y6), Hana (Y8), Primmy (Y8), Mint (Y9), Jaino (Y9), Taming (Y9), Nice (Y10), Cream (Y11), Fransa (Y11) for being selected for the Gifted and Talented Program at Heathfield International School
The gifted and talented program at Heathfield International School identifies those pupils who are gifted. This means those with high ability in one or more academic subjects. Talented pupils are those with high ability in sport, music, visual arts and/or performing arts. Homeroom and subject specific teachers identify pupil in their class for academic subjects.
The identification of the pupils is done by the teacher from work completed or skills identified. The gifted and talented coordinator receives 3 pieces of evidence each half term, to support each teacher's planning for gifted and talented pupils. These are stored electronically on …