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Frozen for 50 years: Narrative Writing by Pupe Year 8

Author:  Tuangrat Trannitad (Pupe) Year 8

Finally, I was released. I didn’t think that it would be this lonely. It felt so short, felt like it was only yesterday that I was walking in here, thinking what it would be like 50 years from then. It was actually the first time I was being happy about not having a family, no one to miss, right?

I walked out of the ice cold freezing room to my same apartment, everything looked pretty much the same. My couch was ripped off though and my pink cap on the drawer was completely torn. I walked over to my bathroom, when I touched the door knob, the whole door fell down. I looked at my left and my bathtub was covered in thick dusts, the white towels that was hung beside it was so dirty it turned grey.

The mirror was covered in dried water stains. It was blurry, I couldn’t see anything. I wiped it with my hand, the clearer it gets, the more it revealed an unfamiliar face of mine.

I opened my eyes widely to see a girl I don’t remember. All I remembered was short jet black hair and a setoff deep ocean blue eyes. I also remembered my skin was naturally tanned and there were some dark freckles on my cheekbones. The girl I saw in the mirror was long white-haired, not even blonde, it was completely white. My skin was pale as snow and my eyes were grey like the color of the ocean drained out of it and I was so skinny you could see my ribs. But the most surprising thing was that after all these years, I looked young, maybe I’m the next Captain America. I walked outside and looked through my closet, it was still pretty much the same, full of weird looking clothes I stole from the thrift shop three blocks away from here. I wondered if it’s still there.

I put on some clothes, ready to face the world, I exited my room to a dark and empty hallway, the wallpapers were torn off and the wooden floor had holes in it. I tried to use the elevator but it was broken so I walked down the stairs to the lobby, the place looked like it was closed down.

What used to be a warm and inviting lobby room is now just a blank space, broken walls and lots of dusts. As I walked outside, I was surprised by the scene I encountered. This block used to be just only some apartments and a bakery where the old lady baked pies for the homeless people once a week. Beside the bakery would be a diner that packed with people every morning, it's gone now but the bakery was still there. The apartments were washed out and replaced by tall, white and modern buildings. I walked inside the bakery, on the wall was a big plasma TV, showing morning news “2068, 17 September” 50 years and the bakery is still here, they must really make good money here.

Welcome!” An old man greets, I remembered that red hair and an annoying smile. Peter, the old lay’s grandson, he was only 5 years old back then, always being positive, an innocent little boy, now he’s grown man. I smiled at him and looked around the shop, it decorated in a modern style, ceramic white walls, big white carpet flooring, wooden chairs and glass tables. I sat on one of the tables and looked at the other tables, the place was crowded. There was a table that stood out to me, a big family was sitting there, they looked so happy spending time and eating together, unlike the other tables where they either on their phones or laptops. Peter walked over to my table and served a glass of water “Thanks, Peter.” I accidently called out his name, he looked at me in confusion and chuckled nervously. 

Do we know each other?” He asked while bending down, examining my face. I looked away to hide my face “I came here a long time ago, you probably don’t remember me.” I answered, it wasn’t a lie, we’ve met before but back then he was 3 feet tall with an undeveloped brain. He shrugged and walked away. Suddenly the family finished off their food and stood up, ready to leave. The family consisted of a father who wore a baby holder and three little girls. They talked and laughed with Peter for a few minutes before they leave in a flat white car that looked like Batman’s Bat-mobile.

After a while, I decided to leave, as I walked to the door I noticed a little shape on the floor. It was a bunny doll colored in blue. I picked it up, it looked really familiar, like I’ve seen one of these before. “Must have been London’s doll.” Peter told me from behind his counter that full of weird-looking machines. The flat white car came back and parked in front. One of the little girl came running in and crying with the man still wearing the baby holder.” Where is he?!” She yelled looking around. I tapped on her shoulder and showed her the bunny. The little girl was really happy and so was the man. He offered me to have dinner at his house, since I had nowhere to go; I took the offer and left with them in the white car. We arrived at his house, the door opened automatically. He walked in and clapped his hands then the lights opened “Dad! We’re home!” A small little old man came down the stairs after the dad shouted, my mind lightens up, and I know that man. Hunter Woodman, he was my friend since middle school to high school. 

I couldn’t help but smiled, he always dreamt about marrying his boyfriend and start a family and that dream came true. “Smith?” Hunter looked at me in a surprise. “You remembered me.” We both smiled in happiness and hug each other, I was home.


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