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4 Ways to Protect Your Children from Dengue

Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever is one of the dangerous diseases contracted during raining reason, especially in topical countries like Thailand. We would like to give you a few effective tips that will help to protect your children from Dengue. 

1. Keep the Body Protected  On your family trip it is helpful to let the children wear long trousers.It is also handy to apply mosquito repellent sprays & creams, before travelling out of home.
2. Watch out at Dawn and Dusk  The yellow fever mosquitoes can bite any time during the day but they are often rampant during sunrise and sunset. You can help protect your children by watching them during the two hours after sunrise and two hour before the sunset.
3. Let Kids be Away from Stagnant Water  Stagnated water bodies are the areas where mosquitoes usually breed. Being around such areas can increase the risk of being bitten and infected by the deadly virus.
 4. Mosquito Proof your House  To keep your house a mosquito free, you can use liquid repellen…