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Inspirational Heathfield Alumni: A Cabin Crew Who Rides A Bicycle to Endless Destinations

Phanatda Waerojruedee (Panda), 26, was one of the pupils who appeared in the spotlight at Heathfield Secondary music band shows.  Having previously shown her confidence and enjoyment in visual arts and playing the drums at school, she has now turned her interests to marathon bicycling and devotes her passion and vocation, to serve as a cabin crew member, at Bangkok Airways.

Phanatda is fun to be around.  She has always been diligent in new creative activities since young as she expressed that at Heathfield International School, “I enjoyed studying Visual Arts a lot. Every time when I studied this subject, I was so excited about what the teacher was going to assign us to do.”

She also had a chance to start off with her first full band show at the school – which gave her excitement and nervousness at the same time.  The result however turned out to be successful because of the supports both from teachers and friends. “I miss playing the drums every time I hear fun music. Maybe in the futu…

Wolves Show Team Spirit in TISAC Athletics 2017

The TISAC athletics began on a wet Monday with myself, Mr Davenport and Mr Mark travelling to the Thai-Japanese stadium in Din Daeng with the U13 and U15 teams. The teams were up against stiff competition in the form of; Charter, Regents, TRAILL, Bromsgrove, St Andrews Dusit, St Andrews 107, Bangkok Christian, St Stephens and Ascot. 

Overall I am proud of how both teams handled themselves on the day as everyone gave 100% and showed great teamwork and camaraderie which is all I can ask for. With the U15 Boys and Girls they had to fill in events at the last minute, which is an example of great courage, and shows an ability to step out of their comfort zone, a skill which will hold them in great stead for future challenges. The U13 Boys and Girls showed great potential, and as a lot of them will still be in the age group next year this gives me great hope for an even better display at next year's TISAC athletics.

On to Tuesday and thankfully the sun was shining again for the U9 and U1…