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How to prepare before going to study overseas

How to prepare before going to study overseasPreparing to study overseas in whole new country can be a daunting experience. After, you have gone through the process of choosing a university and arranging your visa, there is still a lot of work to be.
Firstly, arranging accommodation is the most important thing for living or studying aboard. Student need to study the city map and find a place to live before they travel oversea. Here are factors student should consider about. -Accommodation should not be too far from the university. -Accommodation should be located in a safe area, away from local homeless or local gangsters. -Accommodation should not be too far from supermarket or food store.
Next, well arranging your trip is very important. Most of the universities are not located near the airport, since they all need a large space of land for the campus. Therefore, students need to study thoroughly how to travel from the airport to university campus. If the students do not want to pay for…