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Minibeast Creative Time

Our topic this half term is all about minibeasts which is always one of my favourite topics to teach as there are endless opportunities to get creative and to go outside and explore. Reception 1 B have enjoyed creating range of minibeasts, including ladybirds, butterflies and millipedes.

In literacy so far we have been learning about the letters L to O.  The children enjoyed making lollypops and  performing a fun lollypop dance during assembly with R1A.  For the letter N the children used shredded paper and glue to create nests and then added some eggs to their picture. The children’s letter formation and pencil control has improved so much since September and I have been so impressed with how well they are all working and progressing.
Ms. Gaynor Britten Reception 1B Teacher

Inspirational Heathfield Alumni: Learning Cognitive Neuroscience Abroad in the UK

Nopparada Minchinda (Thorfun), 20, was head girl of the school whilst in year 11 here at Heathfield International School.  She was a leader and proactive learner who found that she could live far from home and learn a specific topic area of her interest – cognitive neuroscience of visual attention and working memory.

Before flying off to the UK, she was part of the great Heathfield memories.  Her favourite subjects were Biology, Geography, Chemistry and Physics.  She shared about her first field trip to Korat with her friends that, “I had a very good time with my best friends (who I am still in contact with), and I am very well known as the person who tried to get into the shower at 3am”.

Many pupils would know her as a person who supervised young ones in the school shop.  It was a rewarding experience having learned the value of leadership and what it meant to be part of the change. 

“I’d say that I gained a lot more understanding about the British education systems, which really help…