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Mr. Lukas Peacock

History and Geography Teacher
Mr. Peacock is a highly motivated history and geography teacher with an MA in Modern History and a Degree holder in Geography and Politics. He also has a teaching postgraduate degree and has over 4 years professional experience in teaching both in Ireland and in the Middle East. He ensures that he passes information to others in a concise and effective manner with a positive attitude and passion for teaching. Mr. Peacock also has excellent interpersonal skills and has been liked by pupils, teachers and parents.  With an outstanding teaching style, Mr Peacock always includes the pupils in group discussion and encourages the pupils to participate in the class using a variety of learning styles and teaching methods.
Education Background Master of Arts in History (Major) with 2.1 honours degree Geography and Politics (Minor) from University College Dublin, 2010 Professional Diploma in Education with 2.1 honours degree from University College Dublin, 2012