‘Making New Friends In The Macau Field Trip’ by Konami Year 10

The recent Macau Trip gave me numerous new experiences and many interesting things.  I got to know the culture and the history in both Macau and China.  I personally think that the Putuo Temple was my favourite experience on this trip.  This most famous temple in Zhuhai really surprised me, when I first saw this temple I was amazed of how beautiful and how huge this temple was, including the art in this temple which was very detailed and gorgeous.

In my view I think that “Learning Beyond The Classroom” means having the opportunity to make new friends that we haven’t met before and learning new things.  For an example on the Macau trip I got the opportunity to hang out with some of the pupils in Year 9 and Year 11.  Plus, I even got to know more about the teachers in this school.  Learning beyond the classroom can also teach pupils to explore and gather new knowledge outside the classroom and teaches them to have more responsibility.

Konami Ono Year 10