Wondrous Space Journey by Moji Year 7

This story was written by Monrada Sae-Seai (Moji) Year 7 as part of English subject.

“Wow, really?!” “We’re going to the biggest space museum in the world?!” I asked surprisingly. “Yes, because it’s your half term so we thought, we might take you somewhere special” said dad heroically. “Will we go to the rocket station?” I asked hopefully. “Maybe if the museum lets us” Mom said believingly. “Mom, dad I want to explore space, I’ve never been to space before.” I mumbled. “Well it takes a lot of effort and bravery to go there.” Mom explained. “When are we going?” I asked with wide eyes. “We’re going tomorrow, but for now let’s get some sleep.” “Right it’s night time and time to sleep.” Now all I have to do is sleep until tomorrow morning.

   Cock-a-doodle-doo! The alarm clock woke me up all of a sudden. I was so sleepy then. Bam! I fell on the floor and remembered that today was the day that I, mom and dad were going to the museum. I quickly went down stairs to eat breakfast. “Whoa, slow down dear, the space museum doesn’t open until 11 am”, my mom laughed. I looked at the clock and it was still early. I was too excited about the trip. Then I chuckled.

   When we finally got ready, off we went to the space museum. As soon as we arrived, the space museum was closed. Because of the renovation, the museum will be closed for a while. “What?!” I yelled. “Sweetie, I know you’re disappointed but…” Mom hadn’t finished her sentence. “But we had today all in plan already” I sobbed full of frustrated feelings. “Let’s go home, we’ll do something fun.” Dad consoled.

   An hour later, we played board games. We also went to the ice-skating rink but it still wasn’t fun as it normally was. “Moji cheer up, Pine is coming to skate with you in about 10 minutes.” Dad spoke with a hope of his daughter smiling. “I’ve never seen you being like this.” “Come on, where’s my perfect happy daughter gone?” Dad asked and poked me so I would laugh. “Maybe you’re right dad; maybe I’m too grumpy and miserable. All right I’ll try to cheer up.” I cheered up and mustered a little smile.

   “Moji, over here!” Pine shouted across the ice rink from the changing rooms. I saw her and quickly skated out of the rink. After Pine finished putting her skates on, we practiced some figure skate moves. A while later, we separated after skating with our parents. Mom and dad let me buy some cheesy fries because I was tired after playing ice-skating with Pine. We went straight home after that. In the car, mom asked about the ice skating today with Pine. “So do you want some new figure skating shoes for the intermediate level?” asked mom after with an evil grin. I grinned back, mom immediately knew the answer. Today, I had so much fun but it still was sad that the museum didn’t open unexpectedly. We went into the house and watched one movie before I started doing my homework from school which I didn’t touch since the last day before half term break.

   “Mom can you help me with this please, my homework sheet says that I need to write a story about a journey or a dream about space. Can you help me? I can’t think, I’ve ran out of ideas” I said in about 15 seconds. “OH... ok, well think about how you imagine space would be like, are there any living creatures or are you wondering what space would be like in a dream? Anything at all, your imagination. Have this question in mind…I wonder?” Mom explained perfectly well. “Thanks Mom” “Hey, you know that your daddy had been an astronaut before” dad teased.  I know every time dad would exaggerate with jokes. “Dad, you always says what I’m interested in” I giggled.

   I started to write my story. I wrote about 20 plans on a paper and wrecked it. I can’t think. I have no idea how to begin. I have no inspiration. I don’t know where to start. “So how is the story going?” Mom asked then saw that I had a stressful look on my face and had done nothing. “Oh” mom sighed. “Mom, I can’t think and I have to send in my homework on the new term opening day which is two days after today.” I explained hopelessly. “Don’t worry; maybe the idea will come up by its own. Like in your dreams or suddenly.” Mom tried to convince me to cheer up. “Ok, I’ll try” I answered with an unsure smile.

   I went downstairs for dinner. Dad was always the first one to be at the dining table. Then he finishes first and did his things after that. Chomp Chomp! “Umm…mom today’s dinner is splendid. Love it!” I spoke with a mouthful and then swallowed it. I went to wash my hands and mouth; I came out and gave my mom a kiss on her cheek. Today’s dinner was fantastic. My mom’s really good at cooking, she can cook anything delicious (especially cheese menus). On my way upstairs, I went to drop and pray by the monk’s statue and I prayed intently for ideas for the homework. After that, I did everything before going to bed. I thought if I’ll have ideas tomorrow. I relaxed too much then off I go. I went to sleep.

 I woke up again and…what had happened? I’m at the…“Biggest space museum in the world?” I was confused. “Hello, what’s your name?” I turned around and saw a tall, mature, hardworking looking woman standing before me. “Umm…excuse me I don’t know where I am now. Can you help me?” I asked politely. “Oh you’re in the BSMITW, with a rocket station at the back of the museum.” She explained. “What’s the BSMITW?” I asked confused. “Oh it’s short for biggest space museum in the world.” She replied like an expert. “I don’t know how I got here” I said in a soft voice. The woman didn’t mind and she told me to come after her for the tour around the museum. “Oh you didn’t answer my question yet, what’s your name?” The woman remembered. “My name is Moji” “Oh, nice to meet you Moji” As we talked and had fun around the museum. We made friends with each other. I asked the woman what’s her name and her name is Isla, she’s from Hawaii. “You are invited to space” she suddenly told me. “But I don’t know how to fit with space and I have no training yet.” I reasoned. Isla was as still as a statue. “Oh it’s…s…safe it’s totally. Trust me. It’s for your best.” She answered back with a very puzzled reason. “O…K” “I’ll start when?” I curiously asked. “Tomorrow at noon.” Isla answered quickly and said I have a room in the rocket station behind the museum, the number was 112. Isla was then soon gone.

   The next morning, I was so lazy and then Isla came to knock really loudly at the door. Bang! Bang! Bang! “Coming!” I shouted really tired with a yarn. I opened the door. “Hi, good morning have you had a nice dream?” Isla asked. “Yep, I had a nice night.” I replied not even opening my eyes and leaning on the door. “Wakey! Wakey!” “Time to blast off!” “Wait, what? What did you say?!” “Blast to where?” “To space of course!” Isla hurried. “Come on you’re going to be late. Your teammates are already there!” Isla dragged me to my bathroom and made me get ready.

   As we walked out of the room. We went to the rocket lift-off station. I saw the rocket it was huge, with a color of coral pink and yellow and stickers of space wonders. “Why is the rocket so colorful?” I suspiciously asked and tittered a little. “Oh, that’s my childhood art skills from back when I painted it on my dad’s rocket.” Isla replied. “Wow, this is your dad’s rocket?” I gasped. “Yep, it’s his rocket since before he married my mom. It’s about 20 years now.” Isla continued. We went to the control room and two boys were waiting. “This is the control room; the two boys there are your teammates, called Por and Organize.” As we introduced ourselves we went inside the rocket. Isla waved goodbye to us.

   We went off. I didn’t feel any pressure, I wondered why. We flew past Mars, Jupiter and finally Saturn with super speed. Our mission is to go to Pluto and receive a teleport watch from a person. We arrived at Pluto before scheduled time. Me, Por and Organize searched for the person that would give us the teleport watches to us. But what kind of person would give us a special watch in Pluto. We found the person but the person was not a person. It was a futuristic time travelling robot from the year 2020!