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Planet Destiny by Baitong Year 7

This story was written by Gingkallya Boonpun (Baitong) Year 7 as part of English subject.

My name is Charles and when I was a young boy glancing at the glistening stars shining in the borderless dark sky, I always wondered about the “First Moon Landing” in 1969. Was Neil Armstrong the first man to land on the Moon or was it just a theory and the world had been lying to us? When I was little I watched it again and again on television and I always wondered the same question year after year; “was it real or was it just a theory?”
There are a lot of speculations about life in space for example “Aliens”. I always believed in aliens and wanted to be the first man to discover Aliens and to discover a brand new universe that we didn’t even know about until now.

 I wondered relentlessly about all these possibilities as a child until the day came when I didn’t have to wonder no more. My life changed when I was accepted to NASA and so my soul led a different path and journey but I still had the questions that I wondered about when I was a kid and still to this day I yearn to explore the universe even further. My journey, my goals, my passions are to keep learning, growing and discovering all about the unexplored territories of the universe. I may not come back or I may come back and there are a lot of possibilities that could happen but no one knows what my journey will unfold.

 “Mr. Charles, are you sure about this assignment, you might not even come back…” He mumbled, “Yes sir I’m sure about this” I replied. I knew there was no going back and I had to do my best for this assignment because I may not return. The day came to travel to Mars, I packed my bag and the equipment I needed. I remembered having my first step on the spacecraft with my two friends who came with me Lucas and Alexander. Lucas is a loyal kind friend; he is very tall with glossy red locks that sway in the wind. Alexander on the other hand was very passionate and fearless, my closest friend with skintight dark brown hair. Our mission was a secret and not many people knew about the mission that we were about to do. 162 days had passed and we had reached Mars. As we were putting on our special space suits to exit the ship on Mars, Lucas seemed to notice something, “Hey! Guys what’s that?” Lucas muttered and pointed slowly at something, his hands were sweating and shaking, I curiously glanced and saw…

I saw a lady with long Rapunzel obsidian hair in a white cloak. “Aren’t we’re supposed to be the first ones here on Mars?” Alexander murmured, “yeah I thought so how did she even manage to get here?” I questioned. We were so confused, worried and terrified. “Let’s be brave and investigate, maybe she might be the one we’ve been looking for to help with this mission” Lucas whispered. We exited the ship and glanced around. There were large mountains and hills covered in ochre red dust and everything was as dry as a bone. I couldn’t see any living creature for miles around, but only sand and tiny scattered rocks on the horizon. Lucas started walking towards the lady in the white cloak closer and closer with each second. Lucas tapped her on her shoulder and suddenly I heard a bellow…

She spun around with blood covering her whole mouth and her white pristine cloak was red. I could see the remains of a corpse being eaten by her. Now, she wanted us too, she opened her mouth and her sharp-razor teeth dug into Lucas’s arm and then she fled. I ran to help Lucas. His arm had blue lines in his skin, which were slowly moving up his arm every minute, I screamed for help but Alexander was looking after the ship and didn’t hear me, so I was all alone.

I panicked and pulled Lucas back to the spacecraft. “Get the first-aid kit!” I yelled, Alexander quickly ran to help us. Lucas started having terrifying fits, ‘he started bleeding black liquid from his mouth, his skin and whole face went pale and soon his face started to peel and disintegrate into little fragmented pieces. “What should we do with him we can’t leave him here” Alexander cried, at the time I didn’t know what to do and didn’t have much concentration since I knew I was going to lose a friend…

I tried contacting NASA’s ground office but it didn’t work. “Is that a dust storm?” Alexander shouted and pointed into the distance. The spacecraft couldn’t protect us so we had to move. Alexander hurried to find shelter while I took care of Lucas “Lucas if you can hear me please stay alive, you must not die here” I cried.

 “I found a place!” Alexander shouted, then ran to me and helped me carry Lucas to the shelter. It was a dusty red rock cave with a small hole that we could squeeze in, “this will be okay for now” I said.

After that Lucas started vomiting black liquid again but he started standing up and his eyes turned a luminous hue of green. Lucas then walked slowly leaning from side to side and whispered to me in the ear “I could see everything, watch out the lady is…” then he collapsed on the floor and didn’t speak for another 2 days. I was very curious and wanted to know whom the lady was, I tried waking Lucas up but nothing worked and I was getting more worried and anxious about Lucas everyday as he started getting weirder habits. “Alexander has the dust storm stopped?” I questioned “yes it has we shall go back to the spacecraft immediately before anything else happens, when we got back….

The spacecraft was gone…”how did it manage to…”Alexander muttered but the spacecraft was completely gone “maybe the storm took it away?” I asked but then I saw a white piece of fabric, which made me think about the lady “that’s what Lucas was warning about the lady!” I bawled “don’t worry”, said Alexander “that spacecraft is gone! What should we do?” I shouted in anger.

“No, don’t worry, its ok because I had put a GPS on the spacecraft and we can locate it now easily” Alexander replied. Determined we followed the GPS signal and it lead us deeper into the mountains. I saw a beam of light flaring in the atmosphere then I knew it was the spacecraft but I wasn’t sure so we went closer to it to find out where the light came from and maybe the spacecraft might be there. I lay down Lucas and hid him behind an enormous rock “are you sure?”, Alexander asked “he’ll be fine don’t worry” I replied and we then walked towards the bright beaming light into the distance. When we got there we saw…
Nothing, but another piece of white fabric lying on the ground, but this time it had a blood red crimson gem on it. Alexander anxiously rubbed it and arrows were pointing at the place where we hid Lucas, I knew something must have gone wrong. Then, Alexander and I ran towards where I hid Lucas. I could feel the ground shaking beneath my feet. When I got to the rock Lucas was gone. The only thing left behind was a piece of paper with gory bloodstains as the signature.

Eventually, we had tracked down where the spacecraft was but we still weren’t able to find Lucas, instead we found another astronaut’s spacesuit but we were sure that it wasn’t Lucas “how did it get here?” I asked. Alexander was standing looking in the far distance. “What is it Alex?” I said. Alexander mumbled “Maybe we weren’t the first victims! “while pointing at a huge pile of pale rotting corpses…

We were petrified but we kept searching. “Charles! I found the rock where you hid Lucas” said Alexander. I looked back and Alexander was gone but I saw the shadow of the rock in the near distance. I could just about make out the figure of Lucas with a red ribbon covering his mouth. I couldn’t just leave Lucas there so I quickly ran and helped him out “buddy are you okay?” I asked, Lucas only replied “the lady was the person most close to you”. Then Lucas starting pointing behind me into the distance and when I turned around it was ALEXANDER! I heard a clap on my back “well-done you have solved the mystery” He shouted and laughed “hmm since you now know everything there’s no point of you living anymore “BANG!”…


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