Wonderland Is Where My Heart Is by Pupe Year 8

This story was written by Tuangrat Trannitad (Pupe) Year 8 as part of English Subject. 

I glanced out the window at the shining luminous moon, dreaming about spreading my wings and flying away into a magical world. I was always dreaming about something supernatural or magical since I was a little boy. The thoughts of fighting a dragon, owning a kingdom or being a wizard had always interested me, but sadly those things only happened in stories, myths and fables.

I was forcing myself to sleep when it was almost midnight. I didn’t want to fall asleep because I knew tomorrow will be the same monotonous day again.  I fantasized about a different life in a magical world. ‘Tap, tap, tap’, some tapping noises on the window awoke me abruptly from my fantasy. At the corner of my eye, at the window pane there appeared a doppelganger of me. He was a pale teenager with silky blonde hair and glistening apple green eyes. I froze, afraid to move or speak, as he climbed in my window and sat at the foot of my bed.

I summoned up the courage to ask in a shakily broken voice “Who are you?” he replied smiling and as if answering in a riddle.  “I am you, and you are me”. I stared dumbfounded at him thinking “How is this even possible?” He slowly stood up and announced, “I think it’s finally our time to escape from this ordinary world”. He offered me his hands “Will you come with me to the world of magical wonders?” I stared at him blankly but before I could say anything he took my hand and whisked me out of my room.

Outside the door, was a forest of pink and purple trees lined perfectly like the pattern of ocean waves on the sides of a narrow and shallow river? When I looked back my bedroom door had disappeared completely and the boy who claimed that he was me turned into fragments of sparkling gold dust that was twirling slowly just above my head, then it formed into a golden message that read “We’ll meet again”.

What’s going on? Is this just a dream? Suddenly, out of nowhere, sweet voices singing sweet melodies flowed from deep in the forest. I followed the voices into the woods, the deeper I went, the louder the singing.  Entranced, like in a dream, I arrived at an old stone castle with walls of crimson red wild flowers and dark green lime vines. At the front of the castle, were three identical dwarf women dressed in pearl white dresses; with long raven black flowing hair and marble sized dark eyes. They were playing violins made out of crystals.  They were dancing and singing merrily to the two seven foot tall giants. The giants were made out of colorful gems and stones. All of a sudden, one of the giants spotted me; he roared in a rage and charged towards me. I tried to run away but then everything blacked out. “Buzz!”  The alarm in my room sounded loudly as I woke up back in my bedroom.               
“So it was all just a dream….” I consoled myself while sitting in History class. I couldn’t concentrate on school work as my mind was somewhere else; it was still at that magical castle last night. Even though I was there for a short period of time, I could feel the euphoria of happiness because that is where I longed to be, the magical place, a supernatural world like Alice in Wonderland’s world. I couldn’t believe that it was dream, everything felt so real….
“Mr. Adams!”  My middle-aged History teacher shouted. “Are you listening?” I nodded half asleep while trying not to make any eye contact. “Are you awake?” “Please go wash your face in the toilet, Adams”

I stood up and walked out of the room. When I closed the class’s door, all external sounds faded away into oblivion, it seemed strange but I didn’t bother to look back. But as I started walking further, it started getting weirder. No matter how loud any class was, when I walked passed it everything went quiet and it felt uncomfortably awkward behind me like someone or something was moving towards me. I slowly turned my head. I gasped. There were large vines crawling along the walls, the brick walls of the school suddenly turned into old stones, the lockers turned into portraits and the metal doors morphed into big wooden doors. My clothes were replaced with red ropes. I ran as fast as I could to the school’s front door but it disappeared.

“Oh you’re awake!” A girl’s voice whispered from behind me. I looked back and found a young girl that resembled a Barbie doll. Her hair was wavy platinum blonde, her skin was light and her eyes were ocean blue. She strolled up to me in her long pink dress, grabbed my hand and led me along the stone hall. As I was walking, I looked around and recognised the place immediately. “I’m back at the castle! The magic castle!” “Or is this just another dream. Maybe I’m still in class right now and just sleeping. But who cares anyway, as long as I’m happy I don’t need to know if this is real”.

 “We’re here!” The Barbie girl announced, while opening the wooden door to reveal a short man wearing long white robes with a long white beard and a pure white wizard hat. He was staring intently at a stone carving on the wall. Even from a distance, I could see that there was something shining brightly underneath it. The wizard spun around and pointed at me “YOU!” He shouted.

Whazzam! The wizard cast a spell at me; trying to attack me. The Barbie girl screamed and covered her eyes. I pulled my hands up and covered my face. Instead of killing me, the magic spell absorbed into my hands.

The wizard and the Barbie girl stood in disbelief. My hands started shining brightly, I pointed my hands towards the wizard and the magic bounced back at him! He ducked and the spell hit the carving causing a sharp crack in it. The wizard turned around and smiled at me. He walked over to me and congratulated me “You’re the chosen one”.

I was confused at first but then I remembered all the fantasy books I’ve read about heroes and the chosen people. They all had to go on an amazing adventure and a mission to succeed. The wizard led me out and walked along side me.

“Julian, I believe that you’re the chosen one that will do brave things”. “You have reflected my spell; no one has ever done that before. I can see your bright future in slaying a dragon, saving a princess or maybe leading a war”. His kind words flattered me... He led me to a room and said I could rest in here and tomorrow he’ll give me my first mission.

 I fell on the bed, nervous with excitement and anticipated about what will happen tomorrow. I forced myself to fall sleep, I couldn’t wait to wake up tomorrow. As I closed my eyes, I felt something heavy on my legs. I pulled down my covers and looked over, and there was the same boy, my doppelganger that I talked to the other night, that boy who claimed that he was me. “Are you happy now?” He softly asked me “I’m more than happy” I answered smiling.  He smiled back at me but the smile faded away immediately “Well brother it’s time to go” He said while standing up with a glint of sadness and failure in his eyes. “I’m sorry that you cannot stay with me and I must return you to the real world”.

Heartbroken I shouted “no, you can’t do that to me, I have to fight for my dreams.” He didn’t listen, he touched the walls and the beautiful red wallpapers slowly faded into the dull brown brick walls of my school. My eyes started to tear; I fell to his feet and hugged his legs. “Please don’t do this to me” I cried “This is my dream and the life I always wondered and longed for, I could own a kingdom, I could fight a dragon, I could be the shining armor and I could be a hero if I stay here, please!”

The boy glanced down at me, “Julian” he said in a soft voice “I am your soul, but \ nothing and no one sticks around forever,” He cried “I’m sorry that I have to take your Wonderland away from you” That was his last words before turning into miniscule fragments of glimmering bright gold dust. The magical bedroom returned into the dull school hall. I was back to my present day life.

To this day, I will never forget the magical world I’ve been to and I will forever wonder how to get back to that world again…