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The Gateway to Another World by Yanick Year 7

'The Gateway to Another World'              

Author: Yanick Year 7

This story was awarded for the 1000 word Night Zoo challenge. 

Although I was tired, I was still determined to trudge through the bug infested undergrowth - also known as the jungle to find the mythical gateway that was the story of legends. As I came upon the strange mysterious gate that was glowing mystically in the shadows, I felt an urge of curiosity spread around me. As most dumb people in a horror movie would do and without thinking it through, I walked up to it. Despite being scared out of my wits, my curiosity overran my fear and I was about to find out that this was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life!

As if in a trance, I sauntered on and kept walking around, clueless of what was happening around me. I was oblivious and completely unaware of the animals with otherworldly features and ferocious fish with wings that were circling above my head like I was prey just waiting to be eaten. Suddenly I caught a glance of a strange animal and I was horrified at the mere sight of it. My foot kicked against a hard metal object in the leafy ground. I glanced down and found an old lever. I told myself later that I wanted to explore a little bit more. But I was tired therefore I found a safe spot for me to rest. My stomach was turning and churning with an unsure excitement within it. This was due to the thrill of it all and the endless adrenaline pulsating and running like a cheetah's crimson blood through my veins. I wondered about the creature I saw earlier and that thought dragged me into a deep somber sleep.

Early the next morning, I awoke with a start as I saw a strange hybrid monkey like being creeping silently on all fours... wait! Not all fours... all six limbs! towards me as if I was an old friend of his ... but I had never seen anything like this ever before in my entire life. I had realized that this was a strange hybrid six limbed, four eyed creature!

I muttered "WH... ho ... who are you?"

"Hey, I am Jammer; he shouted and then shouted even louder “WHOOP WHOOP”, "Oh sorry for my sudden outburst and sorry for all the inconvenience. I will be off then." he exclaimed in a preposterously loud, but calmer and cheerful voice.

"No please don't go. It is OK." I whispered with an uncertain and yet inquisitive trembling voice, wandering what would happen next. I decided it would be in my best interest to be friendly. "Would you stay with me for breakfast?" I asked in an unsure tone of voice.

"Why, thank you kind sir it would be my pleasure to stay with you for human fast, oops oh sorry, I mean breakfast! ..... So what are we going to eat then?" he responded in his eager enthusiastic voice. I suggested a nice traditional English breakfast fry up and he nodded in agreement in excitement.

As we were having our food (a delicious and mouthwatering English breakfast) I wondered what was behind the strange and mysterious giant impenetrable wall. The screeching squawking from up above my head grew more annoying by the second. I stood up and I walked slowly through the emerald green grass that was dancing in the wind until I reached the old lever that I had stumbled upon before.

I whispered to myself a count down.

"1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10"I said.

I waited for something to happen but nothing did.
"You forgot the power switch." Jammer giggled in amusement.
"OH!" I puffed, “That is really dumb of me to forget a power swi......”

"Actually it’s called the "Inter Galactic Switch of Inscrutableness", which is the technical term for it. A C T U A L L Y."

I stared at him with a mighty glare. Finally, I pulled the switch and immediately a huge BANG deafened both of our ears. Birds flew out of their nests strategically placed amongst the thick foliage and the bushy branches of the nearby trees.

After a few moments to regain our bearings I was being tugged against my will through the gate. Jammer reassured me not to be scared, although I was a bit trembling and sweat drops were running down my back. I was panicking. Somehow I had the impression that Jammer could sense my nervousness and he gently patted me on the back.

Immediately I spotted the broken and empty enclosures everywhere I looked. This was not a surprise to Jammer and this was more like a pleasant welcoming to him. Again he re-assured my safety that if I did not anger anyone or go to the pit that I would survive and live to tell the tale.
Surprised and in shock, I asked what the pit is?

"The pit is where the 'Bimpy Dippy' is!"

Jammer instructed me to follow him and to be respectful and kind to everyone. As we walked through the land I saw: Rhino men, Jammer's family and my favorite part was when we went to the active lava zone where the strange, creature-like animals were so cool and amazing. One of the animals in the active lava zone was named 'Dobb'. He had 8 tentacles like an octopuses ones and Dobb had wonderful webbed hands so he could swim faster. He also had two tendrils coming from his head which illuminated his violet sleek body.

After a while, I got a bit hungry so I asked Jammer if we can get any food soon. After about twenty minutes later we headed off to the Pests Restaurant, which was Jammer's favorite place to eat. It took us just a few minutes to get there and Jammer kindly advised me what was good and what I should not even look at. I took his word for it and ordered the 'Pestrel's pleasure'. When I glimpsed at the heap of food on the massive tray, I was not sure if I had done the right thing to take Jammer's advice. It looked like a dinosaur leg covered with some pink sparkles and all this surrounded by a yellowish mountain of slippery potatoes. With a trembling hand I took a tiny bit of the meal and slowly got it close to my nose. Jammer did not pay any attention to my hesitation, as he was already cramming as much food as he could into his gigantic mouth.

'Hmmm. Does not smell so bad, actually." I encouraged myself to eat it. And then...
Wow. I couldn't stop eating. This was the beast food I had ever had.

"T H I S I S A M A Z I N G O H M Y G O D T H I S I S S O G O O D Y U M M M!!!" 

After we finished my food I invited all my friends and all my family: my brother, my mummy, my daddy and my cousins to join this delectable feast. So every Monday we would all go to the Pests Restaurant and we all were spoiled with this amazing food. This became a family tradition which indeed brought us closer together and helped us to bond over the dinner table. We also renovated the restaurant and opened it for the public of the outside world. Today, its legend continues and it is the most famous 5 star restaurant in all of America! 

The story of how it all came about has been passed down from generation to generation and the legend lives on. The tradition is unbreakable. If you don't believe me, come and see for yourself and try our delicious mouthwatering recipes. I guarantee you won't be disappointed!


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