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The Fallen Kingdom Of Moose and the Night Zoo World by Tum Year 7

The Fallen Kingdom Of Moose and the Night Zoo World    

Author:  Tum Year 7 

This story was awarded for 1000 word Night Zoo Challenge. 

Illustration:  On the Ram River by Carl Rungius, 1938

Once in the land of 'Moose', there was a mesmerizing, magical kingdom filled with sheer love and happiness. The citizens were having fun and splashing moose-milk with joy and laughter. However, one day without warning, suddenly the kingdom collided towards the cities and people were running around and causing utter chaos and mayhem.

"Oh hell everybody. Please calm down. We got a moose boy that has a high IQ and a higher order skill of intelligence. He will sort out the problem of this massive chaos", exclaimed the Moose King. 
Moose boy is now so ready to go and explore. He will find out what is behind the chaos. The moose hopped down the hill and pulled down the jet glider and landed down softly. He saw many dead bodies strewn around him and the portal right at his sight.

"What the heck is this gate? Hmm ... I should go explore”.

As slow as a turtle, moose boy opened the gate and hopped into a portal. He went to another dimension. He saw many dame tu cosita and people around him. He walks cowardly out of the portal.

"Hey there. You smarty pants. Come here! Welcome to the world of the zookeeper. This guys you see around you is a zookeeper. Oh I forgot to introduce myself. My name is TBNR Frags. I come from a fire nation land”, TBNR Frags explained. 

"Hi Mr. T....B...........N...R Frags. Am I right? Moose boy replied. "Oh hi! Oh My God, are you serious! Nobody remembers my name. Nobody memorizes it. It’s not really complicated just to memorize my name!" TBNR Frags exclaimed. "I'm sorry I didn't mean to forget it", the moose boy replied. "Sh-top it. You already made me mad" TBNR Frags shouted and then moose replied. "You are lame!" 

The moose replied. He walks out angrily and glances back with an angry face at TBNR frags. Meanwhile the moose boy found a green guy looking like a frog wondering around the garden. Moose boy decided to walk towards him. "Hey! Hi there. Can you explain what happened to my kingdom? Or if you are innocent, just tell me where am I? “The moose boy asked green frog and the green frog replied; "Hmm I don't really know as I’m kind of new and kind of lost too"

"Alright, so you are new and I’m new so we know nothing. Hey by the way I forget to introduce myself. My name is moose boy or you can call me moose." said the Moose boy. "My name is Unspeakable Gaming or u can just call me Unspeakable or Nathan", said Unspeakable Gaming. Now this is where they start their journey. They walk a mile from the place they met to the monument of the Night Zoo. It’s a lion holding a bread stick and beside it there is a palace going on. "Moose! You have any idea what's this palace about?" Unspeakable Gaming asked. Moose boy was staring at a bucket of moose milk on a wooden table. Suddenly the tower beside a monument collapsed towards the monument. "Everybody run! Run as fast as you can".

The moose boy shouted out loudly. Moose boy was trying to hold the tower until everybody was out of the area. He saw a chain on the ground. He picked it up and threw it at the top of the tower and pulled it hard. With an unspeakable glance at the palace he saw a weird guy holding a mining tool and walked unspeakably in strides into the cave and ran into the cave and he saw a hundred people holding a mining tool walking in strides to the back exit but there was a man that walked quickly and was always talking to himself like he was panicking. 

"Hey you wait up there. Don't move", Unspeakable Gaming shouted out loudly. Suddenly the fire nation and the moose kingdom troops had just arrived.  

"Hey moose boy, we will hand it to you" Said the captain of moose army. "Okay. Come on! I can't hold this any longer" Said moose boy. The troops ran and fixed the tower while moose boy and Unspeakable Gaming went hunting for a weird guy. While they were running to get the weird guy. The rocks above started falling down. "Unspeakable! Wait for me. I think my leg is dying"

The Moose boy asked for help but Unspeakable didn't listen. Moose fell down on to the ground and was hopeless of his life when suddenly TBNR Frags held him up and ran to the gate on his front. They drove in to the gate and they appeared in a different dimension. It was a dimension of woods and stone. "Well, I think we are stuck because I don't really see any portal. I think we just had to wait for somebody to open the magical gate again for us to get out of here", said TBNR Frags. They started their journey heading north east. Time past by and it was getting colder and colder. The boys were getting tired and hungry. Suddenly, moose boy accidentally kicked the moose milk jug and the milk all spilled out.
"Oops" say the moose boy. "Moose! What did you just do?" Unspeakable exclaimed. "Yo! How can a moose milk jug be in the middle of the desert? That means the moose kingdom must be somewhere close to us!" TBNR Frags explained. "Here! I’m at the moose land" Unspeakable shouted. "What the heck?" moose boy exclaimed.

He walks to Unspeakable Gaming and he saw the moose kingdom. Moose boy rushed to his home land and started splashing moose milk. The people of moose land started asking moose boy a question about his terrific journey. Unspeakable Gaming came and explained what was happening while TBNR Frags was discovering about the moose-milk before he turns into a moose milk maniac. "Moose! You should say thank you to your friend and I think it’s time to say goodbye to them" said the moose king. Moose walked towards them and said thank you and goodbye to them.
"Moose before I go. I just want to say sorry for being rude and to tell you that I’m leaving the fire nation to be one of the citizens here because I think I fell in love with moose milk" said TBNR Frags. "I want to study in the moose university and to be your pal forever. Also, you should be in the MIA because you are too good just to be a hero!"


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